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Orlando Pinstriped Post / Aaron Goldstone11 months ago

Thank you Magic fans, it’s been quite a ride

Well, I think it may be time to step back and be a fan again.<br><br>That was my first thought a couple of weeks ago when the news broke that Vox Media, the parent company of SB Nation, would no longer be financially supporting many of its team pages – including Orlando Pinstriped Post. It has taken a bit of time to collect my thoughts, but the conclusion I’ve come to is clear: I can be a fan again, and I have a lot of folks to thank.<br><br>It may seem strange to read that from someone who put content out for a ‘fan page’, someone who grew up in Central Florida in the ‘90’s with the expansion franchise since its infancy, someone who celebrated with friends in bars downtown when the franchise reached its second NBA Finals by sending home LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.<br><br>But I’m not a fan, or at least I haven’t been in some time. I guess that started during the 2017 season when I began writing for a website that I had visited for many years, Orlando Pinstriped Post. It just so happened that the site was going through a transitional period, and many of the writers that had been covering the Magic for ‘OPP’ had stepped away, moved on, or at least had moved away from Orlando. So for the last six seasons, I’ve been fortunate enough to live out a dream that many never get even close to experiencing. Covering a professional team they grew up passionately supporting.<br><br>However, this wasn’t fantasy camp – it was a grind. I didn’t have time to get caught up in the awe of where I was working, or who I was working with. I had a job to do, and providing fair, unbiased, and authentic coverage of the Orlando Magic was something I took very seriously.<br><br>Of course, I wouldn’t have come to this realization so quickly if not for the true professionals that I was lucky enough to learn from, such as Josh Robbins, John Denton, Keith Smith (my go-to authority whenever I mentioned the salary cap in a piece), and Dan Savage to name a few. <br><br>My first conversation with Josh (Robbins) occurred in the tunnel prior to the first game I covered at Amway Center. He came up to me, introduced himself, shook my hand, and commented that he appreciated my professional attire – especially my jacket. Over the next five-plus years, there wasn’t a game I covered that I didn’t wear that blazer. I hope Josh realizes what an exemplary role-model he was for me, and how much I learned about covering a team by just watching him work.<br><br>And that’s how it went, or at least that was my mindset. I’m not there to cheer on a team that I’ve followed for over twenty-five years, to become emotionally invested in a particular outcome, or to be fanatical about supporting certain players and/or coaches. My role was to provide balanced coverage of a team for fans and supporters of my writing.<br>